I have always had a love-hate relationship with blogging: while sharing your experiences with others can be incredibily stimulating, actually gathering the requirements and putting it on the internet is an entirely different endavour.

So let's start by expanding on all of the different choices that made this blog come to life.

Why should I care

Of course, as with any hobby, you can live happily without blogging but the more I read, the more I felt the need to share my experiments.

One of my university professors once said:

The only way you can assess your knowledge is by explaining it to someone else

I fully embraced that, with initiatives ranging from rubber duck debugging to starting this blog.

My gripes with blogging platforms

I decided to start here due to my dissatisfaction with other blogging platforms, dissatisfaction stemming out of principally two things:


Many blogs are held on centralized platforms such as Medium, this in my opinion does not fit well with the idea of a small scale personal blog.

I needed to make it personal and the only way it could be as such was having a personal website.

Dynamic generation

Blogging by using a full fledged CMS is a waste of computing resources, I wanted to fully embrace static generation and this website is assembled via the Zola static website generator.

There are context in which a single page application / a rich CMS can add value to the solution but my blog surely does not belong to that set.

My gripes with frontend web development

I know how to make a website but every time I write for web everything gets more complicated than it should.

A lighter website means less network bandwidth wasted and less cpu time, yielding better power efficiency.

Computing is already disastrous from an environmental point of view so avoiding wasted cpu time is a small action that can help mitigate our impact (you might correctly raise your pitchforks against me for wasting some webserver's storage for this website and you wold be 100% correct, thats because I'm an hypocrite like everyone else).

I also suck as a designer so I decided to fork terminimal theme in order to rely on a more knowledgeable folk's experience on the matter.

Why this isn't the first post

Simply because I started blogging elsewhere but it didn't feel personal enough

Concluding remarks

I wanted to try blogging so let's see what the future will hold.

See you later!