Full nameGiacomo Longo
Birth year1997
LocationItaly (Liguria)


Usual CV-like section


  • 2019-TODO: Master's degree in Computer Engineering @ UniGe
  • 2016-2019: Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering @ UniGe (101/110)
  • 2011-2016: High school diploma in Economics @ I.I.S.S. F. Liceti (98/100)

Work experiences

Apr20-Oct20: Internship @ Ericsson Telecomunicazioni S.p.A.

Together with a colleague, in the context of an university course, we designed and built a BDD testing framework and accompanying example tests.

The framework allows the definition of test scenarios by stating the inputs and expected outcome in a structured form that resembles natural language (Gherkin). Dynamically loaded support modules are used to provide the translation path from text to actual actions or expected outcomes. Upon loading the available scenarios and the execution of tests, a comprehensive report is built. Such report contains a summary of the test results and also detailed breakdowns of the executed actions and their outcome. For tests exercising a GUI, such as browser automation tests, screenshots are included in the report.

Technologies employed: Groovy, Gradle, Cucumber, Spring, Selenium, Docker.

Feb20-Jun20: Teacher @ Liceo Scientifico Leonardo da Vinci


  • "Data mining e analisi statistiche" (Statistical analysis and data mining)
  • "Tra coding e robotica" (Coding and robotics)

Jun16-Aug17: Telecommunications Technician @ Studio Longo Giorgio

Developed and executed a plan to shift a small office from a purely analog telephony stack to an hybrid VoIP one.

I took note of the existing architecture, then decided on what VoIP phones to purchase and what software solution to use.

The four existing analog trunks were inserted into an FXO analog to digital card of an Asterisk PBX running Linux.

The PBX perfectly mimics the previous method of operation via a custom made software dialplan.

Each VoIP phone automatically downloads a centralized configuration and contact list.

The deployment is tailored to satisfy two different tenants using the same shared system.

Conferences I've said things at

Syntax: date - original title - occasion - venue

  • 2020-11-11 - Robotica al Liceti - OrientaMenti 2020 - Virtual
  • 2020-02-11 - Pescare nel cloud - Safer Internet Day 2020 - I.T.T.L. Nautico S. Giorgio
  • 2019-10-26 - Kubernetes a casa e in azienda - Linux Day 2019 - Palazzo Regione Liguria
  • 2019-10-24 - La sicurezza informatica nella vita di tutti i giorni - Ad-hoc - I.I.S.S. F. Liceti

Volunteer work

Mar15-Jun15: Computer Teacher @ I.I.S.S. F. Liceti

Computer teacher to elderly people for the 4th edition of the "Nonni su internet" initiative, the course was in the "Senior Capital" EU project and had obtained the support by the administration of Rapallo.


I pilot single propeller airplanes, flying is one of the things I love the most, be it the real life, X-Plane or Kerbal Space Program


Programming languages I had used

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  • C, if you do not ask me to work my way out of a 14-levels deep pointer trick
  • C++, at a "C with classes" level, even tough smart pointers are cool
  • Go, I think it's boring, but you can create a lot of utility with it
  • Groovy, I like the syntax, I don't like the way it abuses reflection
  • Java, comfy but a bit slow at picking up the tricks that the cool new kids are bringing
  • Javascript, weird language, weird ecosystem
  • Kotlin, very nice, thanks for bringing sanity to the Android ecosystem
  • PHP, doing serverless before it was called as such
  • Python, sloooow, but I still love you
  • Rust, if you aren't using it, you should

Software I appreciate

  • Ansible, agentless, simple, powerful, my personal toolbox for everything sysadmin-ish
  • Apache Guacamole, virtual desktops / remote access for everyone
  • Asterisk, free telecommunications stack
  • CentOS, nice server distro
  • Ceph, the cool kid in the block of software defined storage
  • Debian, nice Raspberry PI distro
  • Envoy, very nice programmable proxy
  • Fedora, nice workstation distro
  • ISC Kea / DHCPd / BIND, if you are on this webpage, probably these three are involved
  • Keepalived, allows me to sleep at night
  • Kubernetes, you don't need it, except when you should use it
  • Podman, Docker, but without the daemon
  • PostgreSQL, default workhorse for anything data
  • sh,bash,zsh,classic cli tools, I like to create magic incantations via the means of UNIX pipes
  • SQLite, coolest file format / data processing tool ever
  • Visual Studio Code, comfy editor
  • Wireguard, an easy to use VPN