First impressions of Fedora CoreOS

Recently released, Fedora CoreOS is the Fedora’s team attempt at building an immutable and container centric operating system.

Let’s take a look

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Apache Guacamole: how open source delivered value to a small office

I would like to share my case study and experience in deploying Guacamole inside a small business.

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Starting a blog

I have always had a love-hate relationship with blogging: while sharing your experiences with others can be incredibly stimulating, actually gathering the requirements and putting it on the internet is an entirely different endeavour.

So let’s start by expanding on all of the different choices that made this blog come to life.

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How debugging a flaky CI test led me to a networking rabbit hole

First time writing here, just wanted to share this story of how my stubbornness led me into looking at everything but where I should have.

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